Belinda Flores Ph.D., Professor and Principal Investigator / University of Texas at San Antonio:
"Mr. Valenz developed several podcasts that we used for different purposes, such as supporting students academically, promoting our projects, and advertising my edited book. He also created a machinima on Teacher Ethnic Identity using second life that we use for one our activities in our Culturally Efficacious Module. We have used this Teacher machinima during our various presentations at several professional conferences and it has been well-received as cutting-edge work by my colleagues. In addition, Mr. Valenz greatly assisted me with translating documents from English into Spanish. As my graduate student, Ed was very creative in attempting to use second life as a means to capture survey data."

Joseph Lazor Ph.D., Director Teacher Preparation Program within the College of Science / University of Texas at San Antonio:
"My experience with Ed`s work has been very positive. My program involves quite a few undergraduate students as well as public school teachers in the area. I found him to be a team player, collaborative with the group projects, and respectful and professional with students, teachers, and faculty. Though my experience is quite limited with regard to technology, the students often commented on his suggestions that were at the cutting edge of innovative strategies. I was more attentive to and appreciative of his ability to offer solutions, stick to deadlines, and produce a project that was attractive, useful, and easy to manage."

Tiffany Durham, Program Manager / Academy for Teacher Excellence / UTSA:
"Throughout the time Mr. Valenz and I have worked together I noticed that few people offer the unique perspective and understanding of technology that he possesses. Mr. Valenz`s skills are far and above those of his co-workers. He takes on each project he works with the highest level of professionalism."

Mary Riedel M.A., Senior Administrative Associate / Academy for Teacher Excellence / UTSA:
"While Ed is fully versed in the world of technology, he is also a great person to work with due to his creativity, humor and positive attitude. He is always willing to pitch in to help with tasks that are not necessarily in his job description. These qualities are what separate good employees from great ones."